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As the hearing aids end users,you must want the best price hearing aids to fit for hearing impaired enhancement.There are some users prefer to the famous brands hearing aids products. Obviously,it is a good choice with the famous brands,but,the famous brands products will cost you too much,which will be pricing from $2000 to $5000.Moreover,the users have to make appointments with the hearing aid dispensers and go to the hospital to see doctors and the audiologist,which will take too much time and troubles for the visitors.For some people with ear deafness,this is not the best choice that is not only the too expensive hearing aids cost,but also the time limits and troubles to visit the audiologist and doctors.As an investigation showing,there were 10 millions or so people who do not wear the hearing aids to improve their hearing loss due to the too expensive price and the less time and troubles to visit the audiologist and doctors in daily life.

What is the best price hearing aids? It is no doubt that the best price hearing aids are not the products cost from $1000 to $5000. Nevertheless,the Earsmate introduces the best price hearing aids to clients from China.Firstly,it is a patent design by the Earsmate factory. Secondly,it is a micro mini size as fingertip only 0.4 inches in the ear canal ITC hearing aid of G-16.Thirdly,it is the beige color and fashion blue color for option.The last and most important is the price that is only $79.0 in all with free shipping cost by DHL fast delivery way 4-5 days from China to any buyers door.For the simple buying this best price hearing aids G-16,you can pay it by Paypal or by Western Union.

This is a micro mini size as fingertip only 0.4 inches in the ear canal ITC best price hearing aid of G-16

For the mild or moderate hearing loss level,the model G-16 best in ear hearing aids with crystal clear sound and low noise cancellation technology.The low current drain will make the A10 size battery working for about 80-100 hours to save your cost and the trouble to change battery in 2 or 3 days.And the Volume Tone can adjust to find the better sound for better hearing.
The best In Ear Hearing aid G-16
▪ Fingertip size with Adjustable Tone and Unique design in the Canal(ITC)
▪ High quality Clear Sound Ear aid Amplifier with Noise,feedback cancelling technology
▪ Using for watch TV to hear the sound clearly and loudly
▪ Hearing Sound output: 110±5dB
▪ Peak gain: ≤35dB
▪ EQ Input noise: ≤28dB
▪ Sound Frequency range: 300Hz-4500Hz
▪ Total Harmonic Distortion(THD): ≤5%
▪ Tiny Fingertip size and 0.7 x 0.45 x 0.3 inches
▪ DC 1.5V,A10 size battery with long last working for 100+ hours
▪ For Seniors mild to moderate hearing loss
▪ 1 Year Warranty
▪ FDA,CE,ROHS FCC Certificates approval

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