Best Hearing Aids on The Market

Best Hearing Aids on The Market

Do you want to buy the best hearing aids on the market for fitting your hearing loss or for increasing the business benefits or for expanding the wholesale market turnover?

First of all,let’s introduce you the international and domestic brands of best hearing aids on the market.As we all know,there are some famous hearing aids brands, such as the Starkey , Resound , Widex , Oticon , Siemens , Phonak etc..Meanwhile,there are some new brands for hearing aids,including the brand names of Earsmate, newsound,Lisound and Signia etc..

What is the best hearing aids on the market?

In order to make the best hearing aids on the market, the first thing we should consider is the product quality.As one of the leader professional hearing aids manufacturer,we the Earsmate company have the well-established products quality control and management system.Our QC management system is leading by the General manager and supervising by the production manager,quality manager and sales manager.And the production manager is responsible for the materials input,workshop order, warehouse safety and status; the quality manager is keeping strict testing with materials and unfinished and finished products and the sales manager will inspect all goods before delivery.Now,how do you think of our products quality management system?

As the hearing aids manufacturer and supplier,we the earsmate promise to provide the best hearing aids to all customers on the market.Meanwhile,all of the earsmate hearing aids are approved by the certificates of CE,ROHS,FCC and FDA USA to ensure the quality and business permission in any market.
This G-16D RL is a model packed 2 Units In The Ear Canal of 2 channel digital Best Hearing Aids on the market.
The product G-16D RL Pair are the Ready-to-use Micro mini Invisible digital hearing aid with the extra Mini size In-The-Canal (ITC) only 2/5 inches and the Digital clearly sound technology to make voices crystal clear and natural, even at low volumes. It is a hot selling by the good performance with digital chipsets and Feedback cancellation technology,as well as the Energy save by Using one hearing aids size A10 batteries last working for 150+ hours.The Mirco ITC Best digital hearing aids are fitting comfortably for Right and Left ear , Small Light-weight design 1.2g only and Less visible,which can not discover while wearing in either Ear.
Key Features:
1. 2 channel and full 100% digital circuit
2. Factory Self-design and developing
3. Digital techonolgy for cancellation Noise feedback
4. Hidden in thec canal of right Ear and Left ear
5. Fitting for the mild or moderate hearing loss
6. Crystal clear sound output 115dB
7. Super Mini size 0.75x0.43x0.55inches
8. Low battery consumption and longer to 150 hours with A10 battery
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